Tree Climb A Day

Realizing that putting stuff up on Facebook/IG/Youtube kinda force feeds all of us and this place here on my blog is just enough buried that you would really have to want to know what makes me tick on any given day. Well, today, it is climbing trees. Did a nice tree climb a couple weeks back while on a walk with someone dear to me to help lighten the mood. I was amazed at how well it did just that. So I decided to climb more trees and then add some bits of music that I make to it. 

Day One 

This tree bent at such an angle is near my home on a walk I do daily with my dog. I usually try to do a walk around sunset if I can with him. Best light on the way and then a brisk walk back in the dusk. I've been picking up garbage more lately along this route. Stuff I would see every day and just keep walking by because it would be outside someone's house or along the shoulder and seemed like too much to make a dent. Well, today, I noticed there was no more garbage along my route. Just a week or two had done the trip. One bag at a time.

Made this song the night before and called it "Coin Toss" just because the playoffs and their coin tosses had been in a discussion today. 

Day 2 

Paxton and I went for a nice local hike. We carried a football and played catch on the trail which was a new one for us! Was super fun to throw between the trees and catch on uneven ground. We found this beautiful clearing which always reminds me of my forestry training. I admire a "seed tree" cut (and fired mitigation cut) for the bright light it brings in and the idea that these remaining trees are the finest the forest had to offer. 

There was a recent burn through this forest so many of the trees bore the scars of a good sized ground fire. The Ponderosa Pine bark of course is designed just to take that kind of heat and so just some black flakey bark was all that resulted on these remaining trees. It was nice to put my back and feet into the crispy bark and getting to feelthe bit of dynamic forces that are often part of the Ponderosa's life cycle. I decided after the hike to delve in a bit further on Ponderosas and found this informative article to help further my appreciation of these beauties that are so prevalent in Central Oregon:


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