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Turn and Burn

Fuel is in the news and chomping on our pocketbooks. Freight rates from common carriers have become just too high. In addition, the extra strain on the trucking network makes even getting a hauler difficult and thus forced my hand. I am the truck driver this week. Winter in Bend Oregon has been very mild with several days reaching the high 60s and low 70s. However, schedule a road trip with a trailer over the mountains and I can guarantee snow. On Sunday, the forecast was for 8 to 10 inches of snow up there but snow level was right at road level so there was a chance of smooth sailing. I kept my eye on Oregon’s road cam site and was able to shove off by 2 o’clock on Sunday. Bare pavement prevailed. I drove over Santiam pass through the still very visible remains of the massive fire from two years ago. All of the recent precipitation had the Santiam River and creeks gushing strong but snow pack was low for this time of the year and I fear more fires are coming.  As I dropp

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