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The start of the 2023 season!

I was in Portland last weekend doing a demo for Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe. The weather gods delivered! 80 degrees and sunny and an event that was well promoted by Alder and hosted by their best sales and instructional staff. I'm not sure if all the attendees knew how much skill was there to help them but it was very noticed by me! If I helped a customer at first get in a kayak and then got caught up in another conversation when they returned I was able to know they were in good hands. The Alder staff was there to help their customers find fun on the water. Dave, the owner, was at the bbq and then DT, their buyer of many years and now adjunct staff, took over. 3 awesome safety boaters, 3 more awesome staff, Nate from Eddyline and Dan from Headwaters Kayak were all there. This is how an event should be! Hope to be part of more like this!  Here's a pic from the sunset on the Columbia the night before: I'm getting older, that is for sure. The huck up their long staircase and

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