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Scouting the best line

A very important person in my life sent me this list as I mull over a decision for my future. They asked if the path I choose will deliver at least 3 of the below: Ease Freedom Peace Happiness Love Play Fulfillment Health Satisfaction Appreciation  Joy Purpose Pleasure I feel fortunate that many of the brands/vendors I work with do indeed hit most of the marks. However, when I first saw this list, I realized that these parameters have often not been forefront in the path that I have chosen over the last decade at least.    I'm a midwesterner, raised Lutheran, and this isn't the filter for which anything is really discussed in that community. "I'm not going to plow my field this morning because it doesn't feel like Play and Pleasure" doesn't fly. Self-sacrifice, toil, exhaustion, "sleep when you're dead" are all part of the fun over there. "Work harder than the next guy" was instilled on me early in life. I'm proud and thankful t

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