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Hitting All the Notes

What a season and a world we live in! I started this post content Pre-Covid and this season has broken many of the rules we've operated by in past seasons.  As a rep, the opportunity to hear and see so many shops in action around the country has shed some light on the best practices employed by the shops that are finding success in these changing times of retail and specialty service. I'm no genius. My shops are! And these ideas below come from years of just observing what works.  Instead of referring to these findings as the "key ingredients" I'm going to go with a system closer to my heart. The 7 interval musical scale used in music as denoted by the lettered notes A to G. HITTING ALL THE NOTES: Always on the Water with clients Be in Stock Community  Diversify Educate Follow Up Give Back "A"  Always be on the Water Morning Fitness Paddles. Weekday Social Paddles. Sunrise Paddles. Sunset Paddles. Full Moon Paddles. Stroke Clinics. Guest

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