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Repping and Skating: A trip to CA with my 7 year old

I decided to pull my middle child Paxton from his 1st grade on Thursday/Friday and head down to CA with him. I think this boy missed his pops and he had a really good student conference so I wanted to reward him a bit. I promised him lots of skateparks and he promised to be a good boy at the demo day for Headwaters Kayak. We loaded up the camper with a few extra goodies: RC Car, Books, Clipboards for drawing, Math books, iPad (more on that later) and munchies. I knew that the road would be a bit slower and that the road phone time with dealers would be limited. But the adventure with my boy had me really excited. I felt that I wouldn't have to be totally "on him" at the demo day. He was old enough now. He may even help me a bit?!

SkatePark: Weed CA
This park is right off US97 and always on my route to and from Oregon. I have never stopped here so this was great to do with Paxton. I guess I'm always in a rush. Nice big lot with big views. The park is full of fun featu…

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