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Northwest Creek Competition

I was invited to attend The Northwest Creeking Competition at Sunset Fall on the East Fork of the Lewis River in WA about an hour from Portland. The water was high so the event had to make some changes and have the race run the section upriver from the falls. I had not attended this event before because I always had another event this weekend. So, it was quite fun to view the nucleus of the Northwest boating scene all gathered at one majestic river and site. 
Birch loved seeing gravity work so well with all the rafts and kayaks going over the waterfall. 

The right channel brought you closest to the finish line.

It was fun to watch the rafters take on the falls. They mostly didn't stay in their boats. This gent actually had a pretty long swim in the hydraulic at the bottom of the falls. Raised everyone's heartbeat a bit when a few throw ropes missed him and he went under a few times. He eventually washed out and appeared a bit tired but fine.

The right channel had a nice littl…

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